Millhaven Institution

Millhaven Institution

Object location: Ontario, Canada, North America
Full address: Highway 33 PO Box 280 Bath
Highway 33 PO Box 280 Bath
Capacity: 413
Views: 1252
Short description: maximum security prison
maximum security prison
Contact phone: (613) 351-8000
(613) 351-8000
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Millhaven Institution is a maximum security facility located in Bath, Ontario. It shares a property with Bath Institution. The institution is based on a radial design model where offender accommodations are direct observation living units.Millhaven consists of three main living units, a segregation unit and a hospital wing. There are approximately 120 men per unit. Units have two levels.

As part of CSC's efforts to support inmates become law-abiding citizens, CSC offers various national correctional porgramms 

Work is now underway to increase capacity at the Institution. Construction of one new 96-bed living unit is expected to be complete in 2013-2014. Delivery of correctional and rehabilitation programs is also being expanded.

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